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Coronavirus Update

We feel very fortunate that our profession has actively used Universal Precautions for several decades to protect staff and patients from the spread of aerosolized disease. Our staff is well-versed in infection control and the use of PPE. That being said, we have been very closely following the CDC, OSHA, and ADA recommendations regarding dental care during this pandemic. Patients always pose a significant risk to us as we work intimately in and around the mouth. We recognize that patients may be more apprehensive during this time as well and have implemented the following additional protocols...

We have increased our pre-appointment screening protocols to include screening for respiratory symptoms, pre-appointment hand-washing and mouth rinses for patients, and increased disinfection of public spaces. We are rescheduling anyone who reports or presents with symptoms, although we assume everyone has the potential to carry disease asymptomatically. We have extended our hours and instituted split shifts in our schedule to reduce patient and staff numbers in the facility and have also limited our waiting room to patients with scheduled appointments only. 

Each of our exam rooms are private and each room has a separate air duct for ventilation. For added air quality improvement, we have installed the
GPS FC-48, BiPolar Ionization system to our HVAC system.
We always use disposable barriers on all frequently touched surfaces, and following every procedure, the room and all equipment are cleaned and disinfected with an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant. We use disposable materials whenever possible and continue to practice the highest standard of care with regard to heat sterilization of any non-disposable equipment as well.

Our appointments are spaced one hour apart and we are able to alternate rooms to provide extra time for disinfection between patients. To allow for even more time between patients, we have added extended clinical hours on Tuesday 8am-7pm, Wednesday 7am-7pm, and Thursday 7am-7pm.

We truly believe that our dental office is one of the safest and cleanest places you can visit in Casper, especially with regard to infection control.